Quality Assurance/ Quality Control (QA/QC)

At Canoğulları, quality is defined as a priority rather than a goal. Quality is a process, which shows sustainability and constant progress, it is accepted as a prerequisite, which exists in the whole process from the beginning of the project and continues thereafter.

As Canoğulları, our principles aimed to ensure the sustainability of quality in works done with employers, employees and subcontractors are:

ü  Meeting the customer?s expectations completely, adding creative values to projects beyond expectations,

ü  Increasing satisfaction and ensuring sustainability with applicable services in the works, by understanding the quality requirements of the employer,

ü  Being responsible for quality with our managers and employees,

ü  Ensuring that advanced technology systems, which will support sectorial creativity, has been included in the processes.

ü  Arranging education programs, which will support the competence and development of employees

ü  Designing processes for carrying each work in the contracted project one step further, in this context prioritizing creativity and development

ü  Adding tangible values to projects

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